People all over the East Coast today reacted to a 5.8-magnitude earthquake much in the same way West Coasters do when it snows — ie: we freaked out. It was the third largest tectonic event to hit the coast since 1897 when a 5.9 rocked Giles County, Va.

From Washington, D.C., to Toronto, Canada, a mixture of fear, excitement and stupification instantly hit the twitterverse after the 15 seconds or so of shaking subsided. "Friends in the NE — check your loved ones, get out of masonry buildings, look for danger, then post to Twitter," quipped @zarchasmpgmr. "That's the correct order."

Naturally, celebrities also took an opportunity to express their reactions — some more hilarious than others. Below is a collection of the best I could find.

John Hodgman of "The Daily Show": "This guy in the cafe and I agree that we liked the earthquake when it first started. But now it’s like, the wrong people are into it."

Alec Baldwin: "They tell me there’s an earthquake here…."

Snooki ("Jersey Shore"): "2012 is near! I knew it! I hope everyone’s okay!"

Lance Bass: "I wonder when the churches are going to start blaming the earthquake on NY's legalized gay marriage?"

Arianna Huffington: "Clearly, this is a sign God wants more budget cuts and austerity. #kidding #butsomeonewillsaythat"

Comedian Patton Oswalt, referencing the film "2012": “Not to panic anyone in NYC, but a screaming John Cusack just drove by in a limo that was missing a door."

Film director Frank Marshall: "Had to come all the way from LA to Queens to be in an earthquake!"

Filmmaker Albert Brooks: "Breaking News: Earthquake shakes Obama back to the left."

Bronx Zoo Cobra: "The earthquake today did no damage to the Reptile House. It remains entirely intact. Unfortunately."

Denis Leary: Felt a rumble. Wasnt sure if it was an earthquake or just Val Kilmer sitting down.

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10 funny celebrity earthquake tweets
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