See if you can remember this headline:

"Man amputates arm after becoming trapped by boulder"

Ring a bell? In 2003, news services lit up with the story of mountain climber Aron Ralston and his harrowing, nearly disastrous mishap out in the Utah wilderness. The 20-something had been hiking in Blue John Canyon when a boulder dislodged, crushing his right forearm against the canyon wall. Making matters worse, nobody knew where he was.

After five days, with his water gone and desperation his only option, you can guess what happened next. What makes the story even more unbelievable is that Ralston, once free, was still some eight miles away from his truck.

The entire tale is being told in a new movie "127 Hours" directed by Danny Boyle; the same guy behind flicks like "Slumdog Millionaire" and "28 Days Later". James Franco plays Ralston — and judging by the upbeat nature of the trailer, we get to see a bit of the "fun, happy-go-lucky" moments leading up to disaster.

As EW quipped, call it "Into the Wild", but with a happier ending. Check out the trailer below:

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