I came across a couple of funny videos over at Reddit that I thought were striking when paired together. The first video shows a bunch of guys dancing on the street to dubbed-over Irish jig music.

The song from the original video is a bass-thumping hip-hop song, but the new combination of their dance with the Irish music totally works.

In the Reddit thread, Redditor Plumbean pointed out that it works the other way too. This video mashes up a 50 Cent song with old timey bluegrass and country tap dancers to great effect.

The are few worlds seemingly as far apart as urban hip-hop and rural country tap dance, but these videos show that maybe they have more in common than we think — at least when it comes to dancing.

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2 videos, 2 worlds (but it's the same song and dance)
If you mix and match the songs and dances of disparate cultures, you wouldn't think things would mesh — but take a look at these.