If you’re one of the lucky few invited to attend the official after-party for this year’s 72nd Golden Globe Awards, prepare to sample an assortment of dishes that are not only healthy, but also locally sourced.

Executive chef Troy N. Thompson says this year’s Golden Globe’s menu is a reflection of the state's abundance of fresh produce. Guests will have a choice between a meat or vegetarian three-course meal, with each guaranteed to make your mouth water.

“The entrée dish is a dual of Arctic char, slow roasted Arctic char and then onion marinated filet, tenderloin. It gets a little red wine sauce and then tomato compote, heirloom tomato compote then we have a potato croquette in the middle and a kale chip,” Thompson told the AP.

And for the vegetarian?

“The vegetarian entrée is ricotta cannoli and inside of it it’s got ricotta and basil, handmade pasta and then we just warm it up with a little Parmesan cheese on top, a little tomato sauce on top of that and fresh thinly sliced California vegetables,” he said.

While these dishes are no doubt a bit indulgent, Thompson says that he’s focused on making them as healthy as possible. For example, for the starter Waldorf salad of apple, celery and grapes on romaine lettuce, the chef is cutting out mayonnaise from the traditional recipe in favor of a healthier whipped egg white and lemon juice. For those interested in a vegan-only experience, Thompson adds they’ll be ready for those requests as well.

“If someone doesn’t like fish, we will give them meat. If someone wants spaghetti, we’ll get that for them,” he told reporters. “Gluten-free, vegan, we have all of that under control.”

All told, Thompson and his staff of 40 chefs, 110 culinary staff, 50 bartenders and 250 servers will prep dishes for more than 1,300 guests. Food-wise, that means more than 700 pounds of beef tenderloins, 400 pounds of fish, and 1,000 heads of Romaine.

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2015 Golden Globes menu to showcase local produce
Executive chef Troy N. Thompson says this year's three-course meal was inspired by the abundance of fresh produce grown on California farms.