Parts of trees have been used to make art as long as human beings have been making it — starting with the human desire to carve and decorate useful objects, like pipes, fishing poles and paddles. There are still many artists using tree branches, trunks, roots, leaves and bark to create unique artworks, whether purely decorative or not. 

The artists below are all using wood to create their art, but in their cases, it's from materials that have prevously been used. Proving that creative reuse can imbue a piece of art with even greater meaning, each of the artworks below is decidedly different than if new materials had been used. 



Henrique Oliver's Bololo is a giant sculpture made from "...layers upon layers of pieces of peeled, old plywood, collected from various construction sites around Sao Paulo," according to Treehugger. This is not the only piece the artist has made from abandoned building materials; formerly a painter, he sees the peeling wood as just another type of brush, and has made numerous dramatic scuptures out of the otherwise-wasted wood. 



This detail is from just one of many of Parvez Taj's paintings made on reclaimed Douglas Fir (Kasbah is pictured here) that he personally sources from abandoned farm buildings. The artist has also done a series that's painted on reclaimed barn wood and uses less-toxic paints to further reduce his footprint.   


Made from found driftwood, this cabinet by furniture artist William Alburger, is part of a collection of "functional art" that the Alburger sources himself (he places ads in local papers looking for old wood). 


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3 beautiful eco art projects made from repurposed wood
These artists used recycled pine, driftwood and waste timber to create their pieces.