If you're someone who tunes into the Super Bowl exclusively for the commercials, you no longer have to wait until the big game to do so. In what's become a trend over the last couple years, companies paying the $5 million price tag for a 30-second spot are releasing their ads early in an effort to get the most eyeballs. So crack open the snacks early. Below are just a few of our favorite commercials set to air during Super Bowl 50.

Honda's Sheep Herd Channels Rock Band Queen


A herd of sheep singing Queen's classic "Somebody to Love" steal the show in this Honda ad for the automaker's Ridgeline trucks. Yes, sheep are awesome. Even those that need a severe haircut.

Audi's R8 David Bowie Ad


We're not sure if Audi was already set on using Bowie's "Starman" hit before his untimely passing in January, but either way it's a touching way to honor the late singer. That ridiculously fast car (no electric, Audi?) is pretty sweet as well.

Avocados From Mexico and Scott Baio, Together At Last


After last year's successful first Super Bowl ad campaign, Avocados from Mexico is back with a humorous space-themed bit. Scott Baio, that dress, and many other strange human artifacts are analyzed by aliens wanting to learn more about Earth. As you'll see, they take double-dipping very seriously.

Helen Mirren's 'Give A Damn' Budweiser Commercial


In an effort to warn about the dangers of drunk driving, Budweiser called on celebrated British actress Helen Mirren to deliver the message as only she can. It's an excellent one-minute spot that will hopefully get people to think twice before driving home after the game intoxicated.

Doritos Dogs

It's not the most original ad, but the end will leave you smiling. As past commercials have proven, you simply can't go wrong with dogs on Super Bowl Sunday.

Colgate's 'Save Water' Campaign

Colgate wins in our book with this beautiful ad urging people to conserve water and turn off the faucet while brushing their teeth. Matt Damon is going to absolutely love this ad.

Seal and the Super Bowl Babies

Watching your team win the Super Bowl apparently puts some people in the mood, leading to — you guessed it ... Super Bowl babies! The NFL partnered with Seal on this amusing take on the singer's hit "Kiss from a Rose," with offspring from winning years lending a hand.

Heinz Weiner Dog Stampede Commercial


Even the vegans and vegetarians among us will smile at the sight of wiener dogs dressed as hot dogs. If the Super Bowl commercials are judged on cuteness alone, this one may just win it all.

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

8 of the best 'Super Bowl 50' commercials you can watch right now
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