Commuting is OK most of the time, frustrating some of the time, and horrendous only occasionally. But what you might not expect is that it can also be transcendent, as proven by these videos of dancers getting down on subway platforms.

Added flourish in Paris

Those who use public transit often hear music, or even singing, but it's rare to see dance — which is why DOT MOVE, a video site devoted to dance, put together this compilation of dancers with buskers. A ballet dancer performs to classical music, a contemporary dancer accompanies a folk guitarist and ragga rhythms meet break dance, all on the RATP, the Paris subway system.

Modern dance 'slips' through in L.A.

Entitled "Slip," this short modern-dance piece has gotten millions of views — for good reason. It's beautiful, haunting and deeply affecting, which is quite the feat when you consider it's the Los Angeles subway stop at Wilshire and Vermont streets and the dancers are wearing street clothes.

Some swagger on a Paris platform

This hip-hop dance, also set on the Paris metro, is a story told by an all-woman hip-hop dance troupe called Swaggers. Moving from platform to train and back again, each woman shows off her moves in a different but connected way.

Belly dancing in Montreal

Mihaela Coman is a belly dancer who likes to take her art to the public. When she asked her fans for location suggestions, the Montreal metro came up — and voila! She filmed this fun video. "It was really fun dancing with different people and I'm happy that some were courageous enough to dance with me," she wrote. It certainly looks as if everyone had a blast.

Some pink-tutu funk in NYC

No "dancing on the subway" compilation would be complete without New York City. And as the video above proves, there's plenty of funky originality left in NYC, and it's not just the territory of "Lite Feet" pole dancers. How fun!

And let's get more serious for a moment ...

Being a huge city, there are many different types of dance to be found on the NYC subway. The man above performs classic Indian dance at the Roosevelt Avenue stop in Queens.


I can't forget to include the mimes who dance to Adele's "Skyfall" at the Times Square Station in Manhattan. (To overlook these guys would certainly be a crime!)

Everyone can dance — and say thanks!

Of course, you don't need to be a professional dancer to get down on the subway, as these regular-people dancers on the London Tube prove in a toe-tapping tribute to subway drivers for a job well-done.

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