You know that VW Golf commercial that gets its semi-incidental music track from sounds recorded in and around the Golf? A musician’s taking a similar concept and turning it green — by creating Music From a Tree.

Diego Stocco, a composer and sound designer in Burbank., Calif., turned a tree into an instrument — and made a video showing his creative process. “It sounds funny as a concept but I used some customized microphones and recorded so many different sounds out of it,” Diego says. “I love creating music with custom made instrument and unusual techniques, including also using natural sources like sand or water.”

Diego Stocco - Music From A Tree from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

Watch the video for a little creative inspiration. The music-making at times seems to me a bit painful for the tree — but I think that’s just me anthropomorphizing.
A little tree music
A composer in California is making music by 'tuning' and 'playing' a tree by his house.