Could AMC take their hit series "The Walking Dead" and turn it into a monster-size feature length Hollywood film? Sources reporting to the site Bloody Disgusting are confirming informal discussions from within on the matter - though it's anyone's guess when something like this might actually happen. 


"But before you get your panties in a bunch, we’re only in the third season of the popular zombie show – adapted from Robert Kirkman’s astounding comic book – and when I say rumblings, I strongly suggest the idea has been passed off in non-business conversations," writes the site. "The show was originally shopped as a feature film before it went network, so the idea of ending the series with an hour and a half feature would be exciting. But as I stated before, '24,' 'Lost' and 'The Sopranos' had been rumored for years, and they all failed to make the jump."


While it's true that we're likely years away from a "Walking Dead" movie, there could be one big reason development on such a project would be sped up: "World War Z". The Brad Pitt headliner could be something of a litmus test to see how a massive Hollywood zombie movie holds up at the box office. Should it blow the doors off, I would think AMC would put a "Walking Dead" film on the fast-track. Over at, one commenter even has an idea of what it could focus on. 


"Allegedly one of Darabont's plans for Season 2 included such a story, from the perspective of a soldier played by Sam Witwer, that would show the onset of the outbreak and how the military safezone in Atlanta got overrun," he/she writes. "There would have been a few cameos by the main cast in the background, namely Dale and Andrea, and the story would have ended with Witwer's soldier inside a tank, bitten, contemplating killing himself with a grenade, before falling asleep. Then the story would flash-forward to Rick entering the tank, killing zombie Witwer, then using the grenade to escape in Season one."


"That concept with a movie budget would be pretty great to see..."


Agreed - though something similar was created through webisodes between Season one and two focusing on the backstory of the torso-less "Bicycle Girl".


Whatever happens - and it's worth repeating Bloody Disgusting's warning that there could be absolutely no movement on this - one thing is clear: The world is in love with zombies. Let's hope more quality undead programming is in our future. 

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A 'Walking Dead' movie? Yes, please
Rumor has it that AMC is considering turning their hit zombie series into a full-length feature flick.