When it comes to finding peace away from the world of Hollywood, actor Aaron Eckhart has a very specific place he likes to retreat to. 

The 45-year-old, who recently wrapped a grueling training regimen for his new film "I, Frankenstein," says that he'll soon be heading for his 1,200-acre ranch in Montana for a bit of downtime with nature. 

"All I really like to do is go and look at trees," he told The Independent. "After I finish a movie, I'll just go to my place and look at a tree or a rock for a long time. It brings me away from this, like the craziness, and having to perform for people all of the time. Not that I dislike it, but having to be on all the time is very exhausting and it's not my natural personality. I feel like there, I can be pretty much myself." 

Eckhart, whose parents are from Montana, has plans to turn his ranch into a much larger retreat with cabins, horses and fly-fishing. A large part of this life-plan comes via inspiration from another nature-immersed Hollywood legend. 

“My model is Robert Redford,” he said back in 2008. “The way he uses the land, the way he’s created a retreat for himself — that’s very much the way I would like to live. I have bear on the ranch and elk, deer, moose, snakes. Seeing that stuff reminds me it’s not just all about Sunset Boulevard. To me, being on the land is a form of meditation and of prayer.”

Check out a trailer for "I, Frankenstein" (currently being savaged by critics with a 5 percent approval rating) below. 

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