Victoria Principal, best known for her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing on the CBS drama "Dallas", has united two of the largest green organizations in the U.S. for a rare combined green energy campaign in the Gulf.

The actress made a sizable donation, reported to be in the six-figures, to Oceana and the Natural Resources Defense Council to help fund the initiative.

“Because the Gulf Coast oil spill is the largest man-made environmental disaster our country has ever experienced, I felt that it would be impossible for any one organization to address the enormity of the problem,” said Principal. “By providing the funds to both Oceana and NRDC, it allows these two extraordinary nonprofits to move away from competition and fundraising and to instead, marshal and focus their joint efforts around this monumental undertaking of problem-solving and action."

"By forming this alliance, Oceana and NRDC, have provided an embryonic prototype for working together more quickly and successfully in the future. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing ... to be of help,” she added.

According to a release, Principal’s donation will immediately ramp up a focused joint-venture to address the oil damage.

“Offshore drilling is a dirty and nonrenewable source of energy,” said Oceana Chief Executive Officer Andrew Sharpless. “We know that offshore drilling is not the future. Thanks to the help of Victoria’s donation, Oceana and NRDC can work together to encourage policymakers to develop a real plan for a clean energy future.”

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Actress Victoria Principal funds new green effort in Gulf
Former 'Dallas' star donates generously to Oceana and NRDC for new joint-campaign.