When it came time to shoot his new film "Predators", Adrien Brody took the jungle setting of the plot very seriously.

Instead of retreating to some five-star resort in between takes, the actor decided to stay in a run-down hut in the depths of the rain forest.

"We shot in a thousand acres of lush tropical rain forest, a location of prehistoric dimensions with giant leaves and jungle canopies," he said. "I stayed in a hut in the jungle. I isolated myself in a damp room, with screen doors, not an air-conditioned hotel room. I studied meditation techniques. My nightly reading consisted of military training books, paramilitary manuals, field guides and special-operation manuals. I had no mobile phone reception ... The only time I would leave set was to exercise ... I would get food, but otherwise I was on my own in one of the rainiest place in the world."

In the end, Brody said the effort was worth it because it allowed him to connect that much more with his character.

He adds, "I felt the need to stay focused and for this period of time and just be disciplined. It is an effort to be faithful for a character and convey something truthfully, and I know I can subject myself to severe discomfort."

via Hollywood.com

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Adrien Brody embraced rain forest for new film
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