Academy Award-winner Adrien Brody is the voice behind a powerful new PSA for PETA focusing on the use of apes in entertainment. 

"The great ape," Brody says in the video. "He's been forced to perform on television and in motion pictures for decades. Stolen from his mother at birth, beaten and abused behind the scenes. He'll end up discarded in a roadside zoo." 

As you'll see below, the amazing thing about the ape that Brody is referencing is that he's 100% computer generated - a result of PETA's collaboration with top ad agency BBDO and award-winning computer-generated imagery production company The Mill. It builds on the impressive computer-generated apes we saw in the 2011 hit film "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." Director Rupert Wyatt was widely praised for his decision from the beginning not to use real animals during production.

"You have to dominate an ape," he told FirstShowing. "Therefore performing apes are not the happiest of apes, put it that way. And morally it just never really appealed to me."

As for Brody, he says it was an easy decision to agree to voice the ad. 

“The bottom line is that we no longer can excuse the exploitation that exists in this world. Great apes are no exception. They are extremely sensitive, intelligent, and emotional beings. It’s sad that they’re still commonly used in television and film, especially when we know how much they suffer behind the scenes. Acting should be left to actors—and that means human beings who have a choice in the matter.”

Check out the 30-second spot below. To see how they created the ad, jump here.

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Adrien Brody narrates haunting new PETA ad
Moving short video illustrates the tragic lives of animal “actors” and asks viewers to put themselves in the place of great apes.