While some people speak the language of music with an instrument in their hands, others need only the air around them to rock out. This form of imagination coupled with dance and movement is what's known as "air guitar," a hilarious, dramatic, and — you might be surprised to know — an actual competitive sport.

Now celebrating its 20th year, the 2015 Air Guitar World Championships kick off today in Oulu, Finland, with competitors from 13 countries including the U.S., Japan, Germany, and Russia. In the U.S. alone, 24 competitions in 19 states are held before one overall winner is selected to represent in Oulu. Scores are based on three criteria: technical merit, stage presence and “airness,” which is defined as, “the extent to which the performance transcends the imitation of a real guitar and becomes an art form in and of itself.”

Rob "The Windhammer" Weychert, the guy rocking out in the video above, said the key to being a great air guitarist is a love of the stage.

"There is no wanting to be an air guitarist," he told PopTen. "You either are or you aren’t (and really, you probably are). Competitive air guitar is a different story, of course, since it takes the activity out of the bedroom and puts it on a stage. And I seem to relish almost any opportunity to get onstage."

air guitar finlandSylvain 'Gunther Love' Quimene of France performs during the 2011 Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland, on August 26, 2011. (Photo: Aleksi Makkonen/AFP/Getty Images)

And for those who would rather not perform alone on stage, know this: Air bands are now a thing. French air band Airnadette, formed in 2008, has done several tours of Europe and the U.S. to packed crowds. The group will open tonight's championships in Finland with the world's first-ever "air musical" called "We Will Dub You."

The 2015 Air Guitar World Championships will jam from through Aug. 28.

Check out actor Bradley Cooper showing off his impressive air guitar skills below.

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