Former Vice President Al Gore is embarking on his latest climate change activism project. This one is called the Climate Reality Project and it will start with a live-stream event called 24 Hours of Reality.

The idea behind Gore’s project is that it would highlight the real life stories of people living with the impacts of climate change. According to a news release from the organization, the project will allow individuals to, “connect the dots between recent extreme weather events — including floods, droughts and storms — and the man-made pollution that is changing our climate.”

The 24 Hours of Reality project kicks off on Sept. 14-15 with a live stream that will include scientists, celebrities, executives, citizens and — of course — Al Gore. The program will stream for 24 hours in 24 time zones and include reports from Tonga, Mexico City and Alaska.

Initial reports on Gore’s project report that the project’s goal is to educate people about what he calls, “the well-financed disinformation and denial campaign run by the fossil fuel industries.” 

Al Gore announces 24 Hours of Reality to counter misinformation
The former vice president has a new video project that he hopes can be a response to attacks from the fossil fuel industry.