In an effort to fight back against the rhetoric of climate change denial, Al Gore and his Climate Reality Project  launched a new online tool today (Feb. 28) that rewards users for spreading accurate information. 

Called "Reality Drop," the site aggregates both positive and negative climate change content from around the Web, signaling to users what stories are in need of some fact dropping and corrections. 

“Social networks are the key in helping us move the needle in the right direction … the key is to seed the conversation with reality,” said Gore after a TED Talk in Long Beach, Calif. announcing the project. “Wherever there is an example of denial in the media, we will give everyone that participates the precise scientific answer to the denial in the story.”

"It's time for us to go on the offense in a space that we can not only dominate, but change opinions. Our site will be a place to stay current and find stories about good solutions that are happening in the world," Maggie Fox, CEO of Climate Reality, added to Mashable. "I think it will very quickly become a place that people come to learn."

Like other reward-based games online, the points earned in Reality Drop don't really amount to anything except the self-satisfaction in having assisted in curbing climate change denial online. The more you participate (certain hot stories or contentious articles earn you more points than others), the more specialty badges you can earn — ranging from Rookie to Chief. According to the site, regular, high-scoring participants will also be invited to help organizers decide what content should be appear on the site. 

“Just like the tobacco companies in the '50s, the fossil fuel industry has engaged in a well-funded and coordinated effort mislead the public about the scientific reality of climate change,” said Gore in a press release.  “Reality Drop provides an easy, intuitive way for people to arm themselves with the facts, educate their friends, family, and networks, and call on the media to report the truth.”

To have a look at Reality Drop (and start earning points against denial trolls), jump here. A video explaining the new site is below. 

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

Al Gore launches 'Reality Drop' to counter climate change denial
New tool rewards users for 'dropping' climate change facts into different online forums or comments on trending articles.