It's safe to say that in the world of green, nobody is a larger celebrity than Al Gore. Which, rather unfortunately, makes his private life open season for the tabloids, comedians, twitter, blogs, etc.

I was as bummed as anyone else this week to learn that Gore was separating from his wife of 40 years, Tipper. The two, who fell in love as high school sweethearts, were one of those couples you figured would last a lifetime. Sadly, it wasn't mean to be. And now? Well, now there are jokes.

In fact, for a period of time this week #gorepickuplines was a trending topic on Twitter.

With all due respect to Mr. Gore, some of these are really funny. Below is a collection of potential pickup lines for the newly single Gore scraped from the twitterverse.

@ruthbourdain "Baby, all those other guys are unsustainable. Listen, I’ve got a renewable resource. We can go all night."

@evancohan "If things go right you might be seeing my Ohh-zone face."

@colsonwhitehead: "I promise to finish second."

@gwednesday: "I'd like to leave my carbon footprint ... in your bedroom."

@heymynameisevan: "The average temperature havs climbed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since you walked in here."


@workfortrump: "Is that Seventh Generation earth-friendly glass cleaner you're wearing, b/c I can see myself in your pants."

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Al Gore pickup lines begin flooding the Internet
In light of separation from wife Tipper, jokes about the former Vice-President begin appearing. Some funny, most awful.