As the sex scandal surrounding Al Gore and a massage therapist continues to play out, at least one newspaper is taking advantage of the unfortunate situation to create some unusual reenactments.

The Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily has released an updated clip of what supposedly went down in the hotel room where Gore was staying in at the time of the incident. Using what appears to be some kind of "Sim City" character generator, the video shows a heavily overweight former vice president turn into the Incredible Hulk when his advances towards the massage therapist (now identified as Molly Hagerty) are rebuffed.

There are also cameos by Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky (you know, for some reference) and as Gawker puts it, Gore "apparently transforms into the authoritarian ruler of San Diego, via his despotic cult, whose members wear headbands, tie-dyed shirts and drive around in VW buses."

In other words, they pretty much nailed it. Check out the video below:

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Al Gore sex scandal animation gets even more bizarre
Clip features hilarious group of headband-wearing treehuggers in a VW bus.