When producers Dominic Sandifer and Nick Davidge were looking for an anthem to accompany their new documentary, "A Small Section of the World," they approached Grammy-winning artist Alanis Morissette. The film, directed by Lesley Chilcott, focuses on a small group of women in a remote farming region in Costa Rica and the revolutionary ideas they developed that transformed the coffee industry. Morissette, who describes herself as living "for the feminine being and beauty," was thrilled to be asked to contribute. 

"I think they were trying to see who might lend the voice and sing through the hearts and minds and souls of these women in Costa Rica, to tell their story and articulate something that might be a little challenging to articulate," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I was flattered that they saw me as the kind of person that can really get inside another person’s experience and capacity, and articulate it for them as best I could. It was an honor."

In collaboration with Costa Rican musician Carlos "Tapado" Vargas, Morissette created "The Morning," a beautiful, up-tempo song that incorporates sounds made by coffee beans and other related tools of the trade. 

"For a long time, there was no conversation about women in coffee," said Morissette. "But I think Lesley was telling me some 75 percent of coffee-making is done by women. I just think the community of coffee and how the women’s movement conversation can be threaded into it is really exciting and surprising."

"A Small Section of the World" will open in theaters on Dec. 5. Check out a trailer below. 

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Alanis Morissette's new song inspired by female Costa Rican coffee producers
Singer's 'The Morning' track was created for the new agriculture documentary 'A Small Section of the World.'