At age 54, Alec Baldwin is getting ready for fatherhood all over again. The actor, whose first daughter Ireland Baldwin was born in 1995, announced with wife Hilaria Thomas that they're expecting later this summer. 

In an interview with Extra, Baldwin related how he found out the news; which was perceived to be something else entirely. 

“There’s a scream I heard, which is a scream normally reserved if there’s a spider in the house, not exaggerating," he said. "Normally, I will be reading a book. We're in the country, it's quiet, some time to really relax and unwind and sometimes, once a month, you hear ‘Ahhh, Alec, Alec!’ I come upstairs, and there’s a spider on the wall. So then I hear that scream again, but it was not a spider.”

Hilaria added, “It was followed by ‘I’m pregnant, I'm pregnant!’ He runs up the stairs and I'm holding it [the test] and showing it to him.”

Said Baldwin, “We can joke all about it, but it's honestly the most amazing moment. We are really sharing something special.”

Rumors that the couple were expecting started gathering steam last month after InTouch magazine quoted a source saying the news was being kept a secret. 

“[Hilaria] has not said much to anyone as far as how far along she is," the source said. "She is so healthy and a yoga freak, so everyone could tell right away something was different.”

Baldwin, who recently finished his run on the hit NBC comedy "30 Rock" hinted back in June that he was eager to retire, start a family, and have his wife make the millions. 

"I keep telling my future wife that I want her to get rich because I want to retire. She teaches yoga. I want her to become the world's first billionaire yoga teacher," He told Wonderwall. "I know it is a long shot, but that's the plan I'm sticking with right now. I want to have a baby and stay home and make the pancakes before I send my wife out to work every day to pay the bills."

Check out the couple chatting with Extra about their baby news below. 

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Alec Baldwin calls baby news 'the most amazing thing'
Former '30 Rock' actor and wife Hilaria Thomas say they can't wait to get started with preparing for their new family member.