Do you hear that? It's the sound of celebrities becoming more vocal over the BP oil spill, more than 45 days after the disaster first started.

Alec Baldwin has joined Howard Stern as the latest to speak out; posting a new blog on The Huffington Post, venting his frustrations and advocating for BP's demise.

"I wrote in a previous post that a major global oil company would have to go out of business as a sign that we were on the right track regarding effective energy policy reform," the actor says. "Let that company be BP."

Baldwin argues that the crisis should set an example for oil companies thriving off the corruption of the Minerals Management Service (MMS), which enjoyed plenty of perks from BP.

"The oil business can only sustain itself through the corruption we now know was rampant at the Minerals Management Service. Some of those in charge at that agency should be put on trial for treason."

Baldwin also says that even if you don't live on the Gulf Coast, what's happening there impacts all Americans.

"Because resources like the Gulf ARE this country," he writes. "They belong to us. And if you aren't so god**** fed up with this crap from the oil industry that you want to scream, then maybe you need to have some tar balls fall out of the sky onto your front lawn before you get it."

Check out his full post here.

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Alec Baldwin says BP should just die
Actor says rampant corruption in the industry must be addressed, and the failure of BP would send the right message.