Starting June 14th, Alec Baldwin will host a weekly programming block for the National Geographic Channel celebrating the spirit of exploration. The partnership marks the second time the 55-year-old has hooked up with NatGeo - with the first as narrator for the 2010 groundbreaking nature series "Great Migrations."

Titled "Night of Exploration," the series introduces viewers to the "trailblazers who are working on the unexplored frontiers of human imagination and innovation." Baldwin's first night of hosting will be for a special called "Crossing the Ice", which follows two Australian adventurers as they attempt to become the first to tackle the perilous journey from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, completely unassisted.

"Alec has the perfect combination of energy and gravitas that we think our Night of Exploration viewers will love," said David Lyle, CEO, National Geographic Channels. "Each week, he will introduce the compelling stories of people around the globe whose drive to climb higher, dive lower or dig deeper never cease to amaze."

Over the summer, Baldwin will host such specials as "The Mystery Bear of the Arctic," "The 400 Million Dollar Emerald," Waking the Baby Mammoth," and many more. His participation actually comes at the halfway point for the series, which kicked off back in January to celebrate the National Geographic Society's 125th anniversary.

Jump here to learn more about the series or check out a promo video for one of the specials below.

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Alec Baldwin to host NatGeo's 'Night of Exploration' series
Actor will showcase inspiring stories of exploration and discovery that have changed the world.