He's narrated everything from "Thomas the Tank Engine" to National Geographic's epic "Great Migrations," and now Alec Baldwin is set to helm Discovery's presentation of "Frozen Planet."


The six-part series, filmed in high-definition over the course of four years, pulls back the curtain on the Earth's polar regions, showcasing the creatures, extreme environment, and stunning beauty of the landscape. Examples include "the birth of an iceberg bigger than the largest building on Earth, a caterpillar with antifreeze in its veins, the greatest concentration of sea birds on the planet, and tiny baby polar bears."


For Baldwin, this gig is but the latest in a long string of narration work. 


"Discovery Channel is very excited to have someone as passionate and talented as Alec Baldwin to lend his voice to such an important landmark television event," said Eileen O'Neill in a release.


Like previous BBC/Discovery collaborations, U.K. audiences have already screened "Frozen Planet," with the second episode (titled "Spring") becoming the highest-rating natural history program in the U.K. since 2001. Reviews, not surprisingly, have been positive, with the the Guardian calling it "fabulous, beautiful, and sumptuous."


Perhaps my only gripe with Discovery's decision to go with Baldwin is that, once again, U.S. audiences will not experience the awesome narration of Sir David Attenborough. The 85-year-old has helmed the voice-over work for nearly every BBC television event like "LIFE" and "Planet Earth," but has been replaced in the Discovery versions with more well-known celebrities like Sigourney Weaver and Oprah. Baldwin is a solid pick (I praised him in my review of "Great Migrations") but Attenborough is a legend. Once again, I'll be buying the U.K. Blu-ray set just for his voice. 


"Frozen Planet" is slated to launch in March of next year. You can check out a trailer for the series below. 



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Alec Baldwin to narrate Discovery's 'Frozen Planet'
Four years in the making, the Discovery Channel/BBC co-production is a groundbreaking look at the Earth's polar regions.