It's been raining Hollywood pregnancy announcements lately, with everyone from Natalie Portman to Kate Hudson sharing the good news.

Toss Alicia Silverstone into the mix! The 34-year-old actress recently announced that she and rocker husband Christopher Jarecki are expecting later this year.

What makes this pregnancy a bit different from all the others isn't that Silverstone is a vegan (Natalie Portman has that covered, too), but that she'll be documenting her experiences of being vegan and pregnant.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there that pregnancy and veganism don't mix — something Silverstone was dispelling in a three-part series on her blog before she made her big announcement.

"I’m excited about documenting this time in my life, and sharing all of my experiences with you," she wrote on The Kind Life. "I will definitely be posting tons more blogs about pregnancy, and can’t wait to hear your feedback."

While there are good resources online for staying vegan while pregnant, having a celebrity share her experiences will certainly raise awareness to a greater level. It also helps that Silverstone is a prolific blogger and loves to interact with her growing online community.

We wish her the best of luck through the full nine months. Get some sleep while you can. 

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Alicia Silverstone announces she's pregnant
Actress to blog about her experiences being vegan and pregnant on The Kind Life website.