For a period of time this week, the Internet briefly bowed at the feet of Isaiah Mustafa, the actor otherwise known as "The Old Spice Man". The 76-year-old brand has seen a sudden resurgence thanks to some popular commercials featuring Mustafa playing "the man your man could smell like".

Before we go any further, check out the video below to see what I'm talking about:

Back? Terrific. Funny, right?

Well, this Tuesday and Wednesday, Old Spice took Mustafa's character online to respond via video to questions from sites like Twitter, Reddit and YouTube. The result was more than 150 videos of pure genius, like this answer to someone wanting Mustafa to adopt him.

"I'm not allowed to adopt fully grown men due to some law about that being weird and entirely creepy and weird," he said. "But if you are, by chance, an unborn or baby infant child then yes, I will adopt you unborn and/or baby infant child. Please send along the official paper pieces to my home address: 528 Bottom of the Ocean, next to the giant rock, number 1B, Mount Olympus, Earth, 93981."

Anyways, several celebrities who tweeted their enjoyment of the campaign got the attention of the Old Spice Man — including one Alyssa Milano.

From there, the actress and Old Spice Man went back and forth proclaiming their love for one another — but yesterday, Milano upped the ante by daring the all-powerful Mustafa to make a sizeable donation.

In a video of her own, she says:

"I always promised my mother, even as a young girl, that I would marry a mostly naked spokesperson for a deodorant commercial who would send me love letters from his bathroom filmed on a flip cam. So, without further adieu, if adieu is really word, here is your next move should you make for our relationship to keep a going on."

"You must make a $100,000 donation to the National Wildlife Federations Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund. Are you strong enough?" the actress asks.

No word yet on whether the Old Spice Man plans to take up Alyssa's challenge. Knowing him, he'll probably just clean up the Gulf with his bare hands while riding a dolphin pod and teaching French to a cricket. Fingers crossed it's one or the other.

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

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