I'm not one to look forward to the end of summer, but this sneak preview from Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" is making me wish for October.

AMC's hit series went out with a bang last fall with the explosive destruction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters — and a rather bleak future for our shell-shocked band of survivors. For those who have yet to enjoy this drama, all you have to know is that the city of Atlanta (and possibly the world) is overrun with zombies. Great writing, great acting and suspense all follow.

AMC has released a few snapshots and clips before, but this solid 4.5 minute trailer is a true taste of what we can expect from Season 2 — which more than doubles last year's zombie-goodness from six episodes to 13.

For those citizens of Atlanta who had to endure a temporary shutdown of Georgia State Route 20, you'll finally get a glimpse of some of the horror cooked up for that particular scene. The second season of "The Walking Dead" premieres Oct. 16. Check out the trailer below.

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AMC releases 'The Walking Dead' Season 2 trailer
Four-minute sneak peek is released at Comic-Con — and gets this blogger eager for October to arrive.