Zombies and the American Red Cross, together at last. 


The organization, one of the nation's oldest humanitarian groups, has partnered with the AMC network on a "Zombie Blood Drive" campaign to raise awareness and urge donations. In a statement, the initiative reminds that in the event of a natural disaster or even a zombie apocalypse, it's the existing blood supply that will help save lives.


The campaign, running through Oct. 22, is perfectly positioned to both promote and take advantage of massive anticipation for AMC's hit zombie series "The Walking Dead." Season 3, which kicks off on Oct. 14, is already stirring massive buzz online. 


Adding to the fun, AMC recruited several celebrities to become digitally "zombified" under the direction of the same SFX team responsible for the horrific transformations in "Walking." 


Peter Jackson as a zombie for the American Red Cross' new blood drive campaign.


Peter Jackson, The Black Keys, Joel Madden, Mena Suvari, Aisha Tyler, NASCAR's Kurt Busch and EXTRA's Maria Menounos, among others are featured. AMC is also giving participants a shot at winning a three-day, two-night trip to the set of Season 4 of the "The Walking Dead" — all but officially confirming that a fourth season is on the books. (As if anyone had any real doubts that the number one drama series in basic cable history would be renewed...)


Check out a PSA for the American Red Cross's Zombie Blood Drive below, and click here to enter to win!


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American Red Cross launches zombie blood drive
The American Red Cross partners with AMC and a slew of celebrities with a blood drive to capitalize on the popularity of zombies and the hit television series "