With "Anchorman 2" delivering solid box office numbers and decent critical scores, NBC has decided to tap its comedic formula with a new television series pitched by Will Ferrell. The concept? Think Ron Burgundy - not as a top-rated anchorman in San Diego in the 1970s, but instead as a hot-shot astronaut at NASA in the early 60s. 

The official description from EW: “A workplace ensemble in the tone of Anchorman examines what happens when a strong woman butts heads with a macho astronaut in the race to land on the moon.”

The series will be produced by Ferrell and "Anchorman" director Adam Mckay.

This project is the second space-based series NBC has in production - with the network last year announcing a reality program focusing on Richard Branson's commerical space flight company Virgin Galactic. "Space Race", from famed producer Mark Burnett, would show everyday people vying to win a trip to space aboard Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo.

"Virgin Galactic's mission is to democratize space, eventually making commercial space travel affordable and accessible to all," said Branson. "Space Race allows us to extend this opportunity of a lifetime to as many people as possible right at the start of our commercial service — through direct experience and television viewing. All of us at Virgin Galactic and our partner Aabar Investments are delighted to be collaborating with NBC and Mark, who is a true pioneer and creative force in television programming."

Both series have yet to announce a premiere date - but 2015 is a likely bet. 

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'Anchorman' in space? NBC and Will Ferrell partner on astronaut sitcom
Instead of the newsroom, the potential new series will focus on a 'strong woman' going up against a 'macho astronaut.'