Following in the footsteps of "Private Practice" star Kate Walsh, comediennes Angela Kinsey ("The Office") and Rachael Harris ("My Boys") are starring in a second series of public service announcements for Oceana's Getting Sea Turtles Off the Hook campaign. 

“Angela and I have wanted to get involved with Oceana for a while, so we jumped at the chance to be a part of their sea turtle campaign,” Harris said.

“The general public has no idea about the man-made dangers sea turtles face. Our hope is that these ads will raise awareness as well as compel people to take action and help save these animals,” Kinsey said.

According to Oceana, out of the seven sea turtle species worldwide, six swim in U.S. waters and all of them are either listed as “threatened” or “endangered” under the Endangered Species Act. Fishing nets, pollution, coastal development and other man-made threats all contribute to hundreds of thousands of turtles dying each year.

Check out the two new (and rather funny) spots below — or hit the official site where you can "adopt" a sea turtle for $35-$200. 

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Angela Kinsey and Rachael Harris fight to save sea turtles
Comediennes star in Oceana's new Getting Sea Turtles Off the Hook PSA.