The wait is over, the pigs are back, and it's time to kick some butt the intergalactic way. 


Yes, it's finally March 22nd — a moment in time when the world will yet again be glued to mobile devices and computers to drag back a virtual slingshot and take down some egg-stealing pigs. 


It's time for Angry Birds: Space. 


Rovio, creator of the mega-popular videogame (with more than 700 million copies downloaded in only two years!) has released the latest incarnation for download. This time, with the help of NASA, the game takes its physics engine to an entirely new level: outerspace, where the rules of gravity offer a decidedly different gameplay experience.


"Angry Birds Space has provided NASA an opportunity to share a core concept of space exploration: gravity," the space agency wrote on its website. "Not only does gravity play a vital role in the game but, in general, gravity is a force that governs motion throughout the universe."


As for early reviews of the game, Rovio appears to have another winner.


"Angry Birds Space feels at once familiar and fresh," reports CNET. "Unlike the previous sequels, which were pretty much the same game in different settings, ABS puts a new spin on things with gravity-oriented physics."


Android Community offers similar praise, saying the game offers enough "new material and flexible gameplay" to drag back in anyone who ever played the original. "This really is a significant addition to the simple game, enough that those who’ve skipped the last year’s worth of expansions will want to check out the differences," the site adds.

What do you think? Will you be downloading? To pick up your copy, jump here.
Check out the opening animation below. 

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

Angry Birds Space ready for liftoff
Rovio releases the latest installment of its incredibly popular Angry Birds franchise.