How could Angry Birds, the most successful mobile app of all time, possibly get better? How about mixing in a little "Star Wars?" 


Fans of George Lucas' classic trilogy (we're talking the originals - not the mind-blowingly awful prequels) likely gushed with delight earlier this week after it was revealed that they Angry Birds were getting a galactic makeover. 


"This is the best Angry Birds game we’ve ever done. It’s the best parts of Angry Birds with all new cutting-edge gameplay set in in a galaxy far, far away," Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing officer at Rovio Entertainment, said in a statement. "As a big 'Star Wars' fan myself, I’m really excited about this new universe. The Force is definitely strong with this one."


The release, set to happen next month, comes on the heels of "Angry Birds Space" - which was launched last March to great acclaim and has since racked up over 10 million downloads. In May, the Angry Birds franchise as a whole went over 1 billion downloads.


Naturally, you can also expect a slew of Angry Birds Star Wars merchandise to hit the shelves - from plush toys to clothing. The full game is set to be released on November 8th. You can view a teaser trailer below. 


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'Angry Birds Star Wars' coming next month
Rovio gets ready to take their beloved franchise to a galaxy far, far away.