With over 100 million downloads, Angry Birds is now an almost ubiquitous pop culture reference - with everything from popular television shows to famous faces quipping about the addicting video game.

So it’s no surprise that a spoof movie trailer has surfaced expanding upon the thin storyline present in the game. It’s not only hilarious, but also something of a homage to similar actual films with cliched plots and terrible dialog a la “Transformers” director Michael Bay.

Created by the comedy troupe Rooster Teeth, the trailer begins with a military general declaring that two ornithologists have been murdered. "It's your mission to infiltrate enemy territory and rescue the eggs they left behind,” he says.

The hero is then introduced to a new secret weapon - a slingshot - that along with birds as ammo will help him destroy the evil pigs. But can the government be trusted? Are we abusing our feathered friends? Who really took the eggs?

Have a laugh below - but $10 says this movie actually gets made.

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Angry Birds: The Movie
Comedic troupe Rooster Teeth creates elaborate spoof trailer for popular video game.