The world of comics has long championed superheroes who fight for justice on behalf of people — but is it time for animals to have their own caped crusaders? In the eyes of activist Matt Miner, who runs the pit bull site and owns an animal rescue operation in Rockaways, N.Y., the answer is a resounding yes. 

Miner has teamed up with veteran comic book artist Joel Gomez to create a series called "Liberator." The project, which already has the support of a major publisher, is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter to cover the costs associated with illustrating the initial four-part run. 

"The idea for the book formed with the realization that the same people who might support and enjoy stories about someone like Batman, who puts on a mask in the night and helps people, might also support and enjoy stories about an underground animal liberation activist, who puts on a mask in the night and helps animals," writes Miner. 

Launched last week, the effort has quickly racked up more than $13,000 towards its final $18,000 goal. If all goes well, Miner hopes to take the profits from his piece of the project to help fund his independent pit bull rescue work.

"After becoming vegan and reading more about the issues and the different types of activists who take up the cause to help animals, I learned of the animal liberation underground movement," Miner told me via email. "What really resonated with me is that these activists don’t actually hurt anyone but they put on masks and save animals in the middle of the night — as a lifelong comic book reader this sounded to me like Batman, but for animals! Since then I really thought it’d make a great premise for a comic book."

You can check out a five-page preview of “Liberator” over on Bleeding Cool here. To participate in making this comic book series a reality, hit the Kickstarter campaign here. A video from Matt explaining more about his rescue efforts and the project itself is below.

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