"I hate how there's so much prepackaged food nowadays."
"I hate how there's so much prepackaged food nowadays." (Photo: Rob Lang/Underdone Comics)

If animals could talk, what do you think they'd say about the 14 billion tons of garbage dumped into the world's oceans each year?

Seattle-based cartoonist Rob Lang has a few ideas.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Lang's "Underdone Comics" series features grim yet humorous vignettes that meditate on the relationship between humans and wildlife.

Although Lang has been drawing since he was a kid, it wasn't until the start of 2016 that he decided to start posting a cartoon on his Instagram account every day.

"When I realized that I was coming up with funny ideas about animals and nature on a daily basis, I decided to make them more professional looking and post a decent comic once a day," Lang tells MNN. "I figured my ideas would run out, or I'd lose interest in producing them or run into some kind of writer's block, but I haven't yet."

In that time, he's had a few hits, including one comic that features the sneaky aquarium escape of a mimic octopus:

The sneaky antics of a mimic octopus.
(Photo: Rob Lang/Underdone Comics)

Even though the comics are crafted with a heavy dose of wit, they reflect serious issues that affect the planet and its wild inhabitants.

"I'd like people (especially young ones) to think about how every lifeform on the planet has a right to be treated with respect," Lang explains. "Our actions, even though they may seem completely removed from the opposite side of the earth, are in fact connected."

Above all, Lang hopes that his use of humor to articulate serious concepts will spark curiosity and concern from his readers.

"I told you we shouldn't have nested so close to Fukushima."
(Photo: Rob Lang/Underdone Comics)

If you're charmed by Lang's clever illustrations, be sure to follow him on Instagram or buy prints and other merchandise on his website. Lang is even offering a free PDF download of his multi-comic infographic titled "6 reasons to recycle" (below), which would be a clever, educational addition to any science classroom or recycling center!

6 reasons to recycle
(Photo: Rob Lang/Underdone Comics)

Catie Leary ( @catieleary ) writes about science, travel, animals and the arts.