Nearly a year after it was first announced, Anthony Bourdain's new series "Parts Unknown" is finally ready to debut on CNN.

The show, which follows the 56-year-old celebrity chef and television personality on culinary adventures around the world, is part of a new weekend programming block by the traditionally news-focused cable network.

"We have license to love a wide variety of news, not just war and politics, but other things that reflect all aspects of our lives," Mark Whitaker, CNN executive vice president and managing editor, told the AP last November. "Examining the world through the prism of Tony’s unique expertise and passions continues CNN’s long-standing commitment to international reporting and to promoting global understanding.” 

According to a new release, Bourdain's adventures will take him through Myanmar, Peru, Colombia, the Congo, Tangier, Koreatown in Los Angeles, and the Quebecois side of Canada. 

"I am not a journalist. I am not a foreign correspondent," Bourdain recently wrote in a piece for CNN. "I am, at best, an essayist and enthusiast. An amateur. I hope to show you what people are like at the table, at home, in their businesses, at play. And when and if, later, you read about or see the places I've been on the news, you'll have a better idea of who, exactly, lives there.

" 'Parts Unknown' is supposed to be about food, culture and travel — as seen through the prism of food. We will learn along with you. When we look at familiar locations, we hope to look at them from a lesser-known perspective, examine aspects unfamiliar to most."

You can check out a new trailer for the series, which premieres April 14 on CNN at 9 p.m. EST, below. 

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Anthony Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown' coming April 14th
Chef and television personality to take viewers around the world on off-the-beaten-path culinary adventures.