Whisper of the pines aquascape

Photo: Whisper of the pines, Serkan Çetinkol

The highly competitive world of aquascaping — artfully arranging aquatic plants, rocks and other objects in an aquarium — combines biology, design, landscaping and a great deal of patience.

Although the tanks range in size, aquascapers often work with aquariums no larger than one you might keep in your home. Many of the tanks contain less than 100 gallons of water.

It can take months or even years to complete an aquascape, but the finished products are nothing short of amazing.

Check out some of the finalists from the Eastern European Planted Aquarium Design Contest, which took place in Moscow in November.

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wild west aquascape

Photo: Wild west, Stjepan Erdeljić

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charm of light aquascape

Photo: Charm of Light, Timucin Sagel

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way to heaven aquascape

Photo: Way to heaven, Dmitriy Parshin

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change of season aquascape

Photo: Сhange Of Seasons, Grigoriy Polishchuk

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morning forest aquascape

Photo: Morning forest, Pavel Bautin

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stepping out into the valley aquascape

Photo: Stepping Out into the Valley, Zanda Sejane

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windtalkers aquascape

Photo: Windtalkers, Vyacheslav Kryshtopa

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forest lair aquascape

Photo: Forest Lair, Tibor Szecsei

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old tree aquascape

Photo: Old tree, Pawel Iglewski

All photos courtesy of Unitex

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Aquascapes: The art of creating delicate underwater gardens
Aquascaping is the artful arrangement of aquatic plants, rocks and other objects in an aquarium.