While celebrities like Russell Brand, Kirsten Wiig, Tobey Maguire and Olivia Wilde have all gained recognition from PETA as a "sexiest vegetarian celeb," us mere mortals have lacked such an opportunity .... until now. The time has come to enter. 


The 2012 Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest is now accepting entries, with each vegetable-eating winner (one male and one female) each receiving a trip for two to Hawaii. 


"On average, vegans and vegetarians are fitter, trimmer, and healthier than their meat- and dairy-eating counterparts, and that makes them sexier too," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "And nothing is more appealing than someone who's both passionate and compassionate."


You have until March 26 to send in your entry, which includes such questions as "What's your favorite vegan meal?" and "Do you speak out or volunteer for animals?". Oh yeah, and a picture of yourself looking ridiculously sexy is also helpful.


By April 23, 10 females and 10 males will be selected as finalists, with the winners announced by May 14. And for those under the age requirement of 22, no worries: PETA says it'll be launching a "Cutest Vegetarian Alive" contest shortly for your age group. 


Ready? Jump here to send in your entry

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