When you think of cross-stitch, you probably think of little old ladies capturing quaint little sayings like "Love Makes This House a Home" with a needle and thread. You probably don't think of detailed drawings of infectious diseases. That is, unless you're Alicia Watkins

Watkins, an artist from Plainville, Connecticut, delights in finding the wonder in all things weird, and it shows in her cross-stitch series on germs and microbes.

proteus mirabilis cross-stitch

"I like weirding crafts. And I like looking at weird crafts. I've been weird since I was born, and crafting since I was 6," says Watkins on her Etsy shop page, where her designs are sold. 

a collection of germ cross-stitch items

In her quest to create ironic cross-stitch patterns and completed projects, Watkins landed on the idea to create fascinating and downright charming renditions of some less-than-savory critters.

gold framed virus cross-stitch collection

She explains more in the product description:

"GERMS! They're everywhere. You can't avoid them, not entirely — so why not incorporate them into your decor? If you're into science, or just germs, or cleanliness, or if you're a hypochondriac, you might like to see your interests/worst fears immortalized in stitchwork. Luckily, now you can." 

cross stitch designs of germs by Alica

Check out Watkins Etsy page to see more of her amazing cross-stitchery. You may never look at a yeast infection the same way again.

candida albicans by Watkins

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