100copies: Bike Tire Art

Photos courtesy of Thomas Yang/100Copies

Singapore-based artist Thomas Yang channels his artistic interests and love of cycling into fascinating paintings of iconic landmarks all around the world — all of which are printed using bicycle tire treads.

Yang sells only a limited number of these quirky prints on his website, 100copies, which he explains directly relates to the swift nature of cycling: "As with cycling, speed is of the essence, so each piece of work is limited to 100 copies only."

The title of each work is a nod to the cultural significance of each location. For example, the print depicting China's famous Forbidden City — an imperial palace dating back to the 15th century — is titled "The Unforbidden Cyclist."

Continue below for more of this exquisite series:

100copies: The Unforbidden Cyclist

"The Unforbidden Cyclist" — Two-wheeled transit in China has long served as the requisite "People's vehicle," and there's no sign of that changing anytime soon!

100copies: Bicycle Mon Amour

"Bicycle Mon Amour" — Paris is a city of love, but also a city of cycling! From city biking to the Tour de France, this print is a tribute to bicycle romances.

100copies: God Saves The Bike

"God Save The Bike" — Keep calm and ride on.

100copies: The Cyclist Empire

"The Cyclist Empire" — Seven different tire tread patterns were used to create this work, which celebrates the rise of cycling in New York City.

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Artist trades paint brushes for bike tires in quirky prints
Artist channels his love of cycling into fascinating tire tread prints of iconic landmarks all around the world.