Receiving the "Ultimate Choice Award" at Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards, Ashton Kutcher took to the stage to reveal a bit of his personal history, starting with the bizarre reveal that his first name isn't actually Ashton. 

"I feel like a fraud … My name is not even actually Ashton," the star of the Steve Jobs biopic "JOBS," said. "Ashton is my middle name…"

Um, that's not really an uncommon practice — even for us non-famous plebs. The 35-year-old goes on to say that his first name is Chris, but it was changed after he became an actor at 19. Anyways, the whole reason for this opening is so Kutcher could segue into a speech about the things he learned while he was Chris. It was actually a pretty decent list of things; albeit interrupted occasionally by throngs of screaming girls. Some of the takeaways included: 

  • Opportunity looks a lot like hard work
  • Never quit your first job until you have your next job
  • The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, thoughtful and generous
  • And the quote "Everything around us that we call life is made up of people no smarter than you.”

Many of these are things you've probably gleaned from a Successories poster or calendar, but I like that Kutcher nonetheless took the time to spell 'em out to an audience of teens. As he mentioned in his speech, it appears that Steve Jobs' way of thinking (minus the whole thoughtful and generous attributes) definitely had a big impact on him. Check out the speech below. "JOBS" bows in theaters this weekend. 

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