Michelle Rodriguez, who played the cocky helicopter pilot in James Cameron's "Avatar", has announced that she will be joining the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on its next Antarctic campaign.

“I’m going to go on the next voyage,” she said at the Sea No Evil fundraising event for the organization. “So you guys are actually helping to support the next team to go out to Antarctica and bust their asses on that ship, trying to save some whales. I’m going to be one of those people on board.”

While Rodriguez, 32, isn't the first celebrity to back the Sea Shepherd's mission (others include Sean Penn, Pierce Brosnan, Christian Bale and Daryl Hannah), she is the first to potentially join a crew in their protest of Japanese whaling vessels in the Antarctic.

Sea Shepherd recently announced that its seventh campaign in the freezing waters down under will be called Operation: No Compromise.

“The Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is an internationally established whale sanctuary as in S-A-N-C-T-U-A-R-Y,” said Capt. Paul Watson. “Just what is it about this word ‘sanctuary’ that people don’t understand? Sanctuary means no killing, it means protection, it means refuge, it means asylum, and we intend to protect the whales within the sanctuary with all the resources available to us.”

To learn more about the organization, jump here.

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'Avatar' star Michelle Rodriguez joins Sea Shepherd
Actress says she will join anti-whaling organization for their upcoming Antarctic campaign.