For their new tour with New Kids on the Block, the Backstreet Boys have decided to drop the meat and focus on staying healthy. 

“We’re getting a lot of rest and have switched over to a vegetarian diet. I’m trying to get my brain clear and ready for everything that’s to come,” Nick Carter told “I downloaded a meditation book. I like to relax and meditate. I think they’re important because I have so much going on, and if I don’t find peace within it all, it could be dangerous for your health.”

Such consideration for well-being is a nice flip from the group's tour demands back in the '90s, which included requests for hamburgers, French dips, hot turkey, Sloppy Joe’s and tacos. 

The two boy bands decided to join forces after Backstreet performed last summer during a NKOTB gig at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

We were all on tour, not together at the same time, but we were pretty close on the road," said Donnie Wahlberg. "NKOTB were wrapping up their summer run. We happened to be out and we ended up being on stage together. It was a magical moment [...] none of us will never forget. Right after we performed together everybody on Twitter and Facebook ...i t was everywhere that we were going on tour. So we started talking about it and we made it happen."

The 53-show tour, which also includes "Glee" star Matthew Morrison as an opening act, kicks off this Wednesday in Rosemont, Ill. Check out a video below of the two groups performing on a recent episode of "Dancing with the Stars."

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Backstreet Boys go vegetarian
Members of the famous pop group reveal that they've dropped the meat from their new tour to stay healthy.