Kylli Sparre: Pathfinder

All photos courtesy of Kylli Sparre

Kylli Sparre is a dancer and photographer who marries her two passions to make surreal, expressive images, such as "Pathfinder" above. Although she spent years training for a professional career in ballet, Sparre eventually realized it was not what she wanted to do with her life. As she searched for another creative outlet, she found herself drawn to conceptual photography.

Armed with a Canon 5DMII and a stellar set of Photoshop skills, Sparre fills her portfolio with dance-inspired scenes and portraits that are as emotive as they are ethereal.

Sparre will sometimes sketch ideas for concepts, but she tries to be flexible during the photoshoot in case she needs to change directions suddenly.

"There is no certain way to go about it," Sparre explains, "but I feel that I always must keep an open mind and search for something that moves me. [...] That is what is great about personal work — you have no risk, you can fail with no consequences."

Continue below for a look at some of Sparre's work, and be sure to follow her latest work on her website and Facebook.

Kylli Sparre: Rescue operation

"Rescue Operation"

Kylli Sparre: Modern mind

"Modern Mind"

Kylli Sparre: Family portrait

"Family Portrait"

Kylli Sparre: Step through shame

"Step Through Shame"

Kylli Sparre: Running with the fairies

"Running with the Fairies"

Kylli Sparre: Poles apart

"Poles Apart"

Kylli Sparre: Nowhere to go but inward

"Nowhere to go but inward"

Kylli Sparre: A Daring Day

"A Daring Day"

Kylli Sparre: Unwound


Kylli Sparre: Deception


Kylli Sparre: Private lessons

"Private Lessons"

Kylli Sparre: When impossible ends

"When Impossible Ends"

Kylli Sparre: World of tales

"World of Tales"

Kylli Sparre: Regrettable recollections

"Regrettable Recollections"

Kylli Sparre: Change of mind

"Change of Mind"

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Ballet dancer finds her footing through dreamlike photos
Despite spending years training for a professional ballet career, Kylli Sparre realized it was not the right path for her.