Betty White sat down with Barbara Walters last night for her annual "10 Most Fascinating People" special — and the nearly 90-year-old was quite candid about some sensitive topics.

When asked about age, White went on to reveal that in terms of death, she believes it to be a great mystery that we all must solve. "My mother had a wonderful philosophy. She said, 'Nobody knows what happens at that moment of death.' " She then went on to say that she was curious about dying, but that when the moment comes, she'll get to "know the secret."

Shifting gears from the morbid to the hilarious, the topic of sex was next, with Walters quipping "Um, how do I put this? Does one still have sex?"

Not missing a beat, White fired back, "If 'one' gets 'lucky,' I bet they do!"

When asked by Walters whether she prefers animals to humans, White said yes without hesitation. "I enjoy them more than I enjoy a lot of people," she clarified. "That doesn't mean I don't like people; I'm just passionate about animals."

As readers of this blog no doubt know, Betty is an extremely committed animal advocate. She has selflessly used her rise in fame these last few years to benefit organizations like the Morris Animal Foundation. In the past year alone, she has helped animals affected by the Gulf oil spill, become the new chair of the LA Zoo Association, and even become an honorary U.S. Forest Ranger.

Not bad for a gal who, as she says, is approaching "88 and three quarters".

For as long as it stays up, check out the full interview below:

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Barbara Walters' '10 Most Fascinating People': Betty White opens up
88-year-old talks sex, death, and her love of animals.