While anything narrated by naturalist David Attenborough is worth watching, the BBC's new animal documentary "Life Story" will be especially attractive. Produced by its award-winning natural history unit, the upcoming series will be the first shot in ultra-hi-definition (4K), presenting the highest-quality footage ever seen in a wildlife documentary. While it likely won't be the type of visual leap on par with 2006's Planet Earth series (the first nature documentary ever shot in high-definition), viewers will enjoy the increased details that 4K captures. 

"The quality of the images is much, much higher because you have four times as much information," executive producer Mike Gunton said in an interview. "Although we’re not transmitting in 4K, when you see a 4K-acquired image on an HD television, it still looks significantly better; it’s much more detailed. And that detail is not just for fun — it actually brings you closer to and more in to the animal’s world, because a lot of this is about seeing the lives of these animals on their faces and in their eyes. This new level of detail really delivers that."

"Life Story," which took four years to create, follows the paths of several animals from birth to reproduction, chronicling the challenging obstacles and dramatic choices made along the way. 

"This is the first time we have told such a complete story," Gunton added. "There’s a lovely nest of stories within the series — each individual story could stand alone — then within each programme there is the bigger story of getting through that life stage, and then the whole series is the whole life story and that forms an arc. I think that’s uniquely satisfying for a wildlife series because sometimes a greater story is harder to extract, and I think we’ve done that here."

Check out the gorgeous first trailer above. "Life Story" will air on the BBC later this fall. A release date in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel has yet to be announced. 

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BBC's 'Life Story' to feature ultra high-definition footage
Narrated by David Attenborough, the new series will deliver the highest-quality images ever seen in a nature documentary.