The series orders for anything to do with survivalist Bear Grylls just keep coming. 

The 40-year-old, currently in the middle of helming NBC's celebrity-focused "Running Wild," has just been tapped to lead another Discovery series called "Bear Grylls: Breaking Point." The premise of the show revolves around Grylls teaming up with people with phobias (heights, spiders, snakes, etc.) and helping them to overcome their fears. In typical survivalist fashion, it's also all about interacting with nature - as each episode will culminate with the contestants having to endure a two-day adventure with Grylls. 

While The Hollywood Reporter says production on the new series is expected to begin in a few weeks, you apparently still have time to conquer your fears and apply to be a contestant. Radio Times has an email address of the production company currently seeking those interested in teaming up with Grylls. The full series is expected to hit the Discovery Channel sometime in 2015. 

As for "Running Wild," Grylls most recently teamed up with comedian Tom Arnold for an adventure in the wilds of Oregon. Like many of the other celebs he's encountered in the series, Grylls has nothing but compliments for the star. 

“I expected someone who was funny, who was Hollywood. The person I spent the last two days with is different. He’s kind, he’s honest. In my eyes, he’s a survivor,” he said.

Check out a clip from that episode below. 

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Bear Grylls scores another Discovery television series
New show will feature the survivalist helping regular people overcome their fears in the wild.