Airplane safety videos aren't known for their riveting content - unless of course, you've ever flown Air New Zealand. 

The airline has built a reputation of creating immensely entertaining pre-flight safety shorts that mix a bit of celebrity with cultural events and humor. Previously well-known participants have included Lindsay Lohan, Snoop Dogg, cast and crew from The Hobbit and even fitness guru Richard Simmons.

For their latest four-minute video, titled "The Bear Essentials of Safety," Air NZ decided to take things outside the aircraft and show off the country's stunning scenery with survivalist Bear Grylls. The 38-year-old "Man vs Wild" star explains everything from how to fasten your safety belt to making sure your seatback is upright ahead of take-off - all the while hiking along the 32-kilometer Routeburn Track and seeking out the legendary Moa. 

“If an oxygen mask suddenly drops down in front of you, you could use it as portable loo,” he says. “But a much better idea is to pull down on the mask, place it over your nose and mouth, and tighten by pulling on both sides of the elastic.”

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Air New Zealand chief marketing and customer officer Mike Tod told the NZ Herald that Grylls was the ideal in-flight safety ambassador for this particular video. 

"Bear was the ideal partner to help us bring to life important on-board safety messages in a unique and compelling way, while at the same time demonstrating the best of what New Zealand has to offer," he said. "We hope the global attention this safety video will receive generates more awareness of our amazing country and gets a few more bums on seats."

Go ahead and see below just how good airline safety videos could be if they all cared as much as Air New Zealand. 

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Bear Grylls stars in wild Air New Zealand safety PSA
Survivalist becomes the latest celebrity to star in the airline's always entertaining pre-flight briefing.