Ever wondered how you would fare as a castaway on a remote desert island? Starting next year, the U.K.'s Channel 4 network will give 12 men the opportunity to find out with a new reality series hosted by survivalist Bear Grylls. 

"This is Lord of the Flies-meets-Bear Grylls-meets-Darwin’s survival of the fittest," said Grylls of 'The Island of Lost Blokes'. "Man has moved further and further from his hunter-gatherer origins. We take food, shelter, warmth for granted; we barely have to expend any time and energy to get them. I want to find out what happens when you strip people of all the comforts of modern life – does 21st century man still have it in him to fight for his survival?"

Grylls, 39, has been on something of a roll in the reality genre lately - having recently wrapped the well-received "Get Out Alive" competition on NBC. In an interview with MNN's Gerri Miller, Grylls talked about his focus for the show; something we'll likely see repeated on "Blokes."

"It isn't a test of physical courage. I'm taking you to a difficult place; you’ve got to listen," he said. "I'll empower you with these skills, but ultimately I'm going to send home the people I believe that on their own would never get out alive. I'm looking for the qualities of a survivor: resourcefulness and resolve, courage, humility, and kindness to each other. There's no blueprint for a hero. But if you doubt whether the American hero is still alive, the answer is yes."

Filming for "Blokes" is scheduled for next year. If you live in the U.K., keep your eyes peeled for upcoming audition announcements. 

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Bear Grylls to host survival reality series 'The Island of Lost Blokes'
Competition will follow 12 men removed from civilization and forced to survive for four weeks in the wild.