Artist Keri Rosebraugh sees the world a little bit differently than the rest of us do. Creating artwork and sustainably themed pieces for companies, her most recent effort is this gorgeous sign for Co-Op 28, a Los Angeles boutique; made from 6,000 bits of trash, the 20-by-8-foot sign is huge (but you can only see what it's made from when you get up close). 

Inspired by how much trash she was seeing in the streets each day, Rosebraugh began gathering it, sorting it by color and imagining a future for it. As the project evolved, she took to dumpster diving and asking her neighbors to save their garbage for her to use. 

"This project was something that everybody could get involved in, because every person generates trash. I am inspired by how many 

people in my community came together and actually got excited to participate. Kids kept pointing out their old toothbrushes, soda cans, 

and other objects they donated, smiling once they found them on the sign," she says. 

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Beautiful sign is made from garbage (video)
Artist Keri Rosebraugh's colorful sign is composed entirely of pieces pulled from the trash.