For eco-minded music lovers, a pre-Grammy party’s happening this Friday. Green with Music, a company that links up the music industry with eco-consciousness, will have its second  eco-luxe spa and retreat this Friday. Intended to introduce music artists and other trendsetters in the music business to green products, the spa and retreat will offer Ayurvedic massages and green hair and makeup treatments to attendees, who'll be eco-pampered while enjoying organic food and drinks.

And while that event's invite-only, Green with Music's also throwing an evening Rooftop Benefit Party that’s open to all with $35 to spare!

The party will feature green cocktails and organic canapes — plus a DJ and live musical performances. Grammy nominees, artists, and celebrities will be at the party according to the planners — who are short on details as to which celebrities are expected to show up.

Proceeds from the benefit will go to Wherever the Need, a nonprofit that works to provide and conserve clean drinking water for people. I plan to be at the party — So if you're in L.A., drop by and say hello!
Before the Grammys, Green with Music
For eco-minded music lovers, a pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles promises to help you go Green with Music.